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MGW (Mighty Glory War) Productions is an Canadian video game company made by ChrisFClarke, the one best founder and creator of the game that is based on the Deviant Fighters, he came from DeviantART. Include one of the deviant fighters that is started once are Bellum Bestiae, Prison Riot, Bout of the Century and eXtreme seXy eXplosion. Currently possibility on each games work such as Drawn to Murder, Recess Fight Club and Henry Mason Trilogy.

Also two games was part of the new that he announce, one is the Remake game, Thrill Kill and one for the another deviant fighter, Divine Conflict.

Shared UniverseEdit

1500s Edit

  • August 1501 - Bellum Bestiae

1800s Edit

  • November 1886 - Bout of the Century

2010s Edit

  • May 2017 - Prison Riot
  • December 2017 - eXtreme seXy eXplosion

Latest activityEdit

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